1:48 Scale Saturn V - scratch build
1:25 Scale (14 foot tall) Saturn V - scratch build

Launch Photos from April 3rd, 2016 - Kevin Boyd

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Saturn V Rocket Launch

Saturn V launch
Photo Supplied by JonRocket.com

Video Supplied by Roger Smith - JonRocket.com

April 3, 2016

GRITS Launch

As seen on the
Valdosta Daily Times

( On-board Video from August 31, 2013 launch )

Saturn V with Wife

1:25 scale Saturn V
in commemoration
of Apollo 8

Winds would not allow
full tower to be raised.
April 2011

Saturn V Model Rocket Setup

Video of 1:48 scale S-V launched Dec. 2010

Sport Rocketry Magazine

Saturn V Model Rocket
1:25 Scale
(5) motor cluster
1 - center K700 motor
2 - H123 motors
2 - I211 motors

1 - 10' parachute upper
1 - 15' parachute lower
Total weight 58 lbs

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1:48 Scale
(5) motor cluster
1 - center G80 motor
4 - F40 motors
1 - 4' parachute upper
1 - 5' parachute lower
Total Weight 10 lbs.


Saturn V's

dragway Saturn V setup

1:25 scale Saturn V

Initial deployment will be a Magnetic Apogee Detector and backup will be with motor deployment.

magnetic apogee detector david

Magnetic Apogee Detector (MAD)

David Klinkman giving his invaluable help with this project

Saturn V model rockets

Launch Video - 7/24/2010
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1:48 Scale Saturn V
Launched on (4) - F40 motors. (1) center- G80 motor.
Igniters "Littleuns" from Wildman Rocketry.
Retrievial parachutes are -
(1) - 5' dia. lower section & (1) 4' dia. upper section.
Rocket is 7.5' tall and 8.25" in diameter at base.

Airframe is constructed from 160# Cougar Cover,
3 layers laminated together using HAR Padding Compound.
Interior Support bulkheads are 3/16" foam board.
Stringers are styrene sheets from Plastruct and Evergreen.
Other exterior details are carved from Bass or Balsa wood.

Photos of the 1:48 Scale Saturn V setup

Special Thanks to Jorge Blanco and his wonderful mom
Concepcion C. Blanco for all their hard work to make this possible.

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Inside airframe before the 5 engine tubes were installed
and 6 more bulkheads installed for support

Bottom of 3rd stage showing bottom bulkhead
This section seperates to deploy total of 3 parachutes.
One end of top section parachute shock cord attaches here

Before the addition of the transition stringers
between 2nd and 3rd stage
used Evergreen half round rods

Parachute department, top of engine tubes
showing top bulkhead

Fins/Fairings before painting
Many thanks to John Pursley for his invaluable help with the fairings.


with Apollo 15 CMP Al Worden (center)

1:25 scale at Tellus Science Museum


Bottom showing 29mm motor mounts on 1:48 scale S-V

Thanks to Michael Burke for use of his drawings of the Launch Umbilical Tower

  Apollo Mission Patches - Apollo 1 thru Apollo 17

Photos from previous launches of my Estes 1:100 scale Saturn V
Flying on a single D12-3
Perfect slow liftoff - only reaches about 100-125 feet, but very realistic launch

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